Sunday 10:30

Youth Sunday School

Sunday 10:30
Traditional Service

St. Matthews Vestry

Senior Warden - Mr. William Duncombe

Mr. Thaddeus Clark

Clerk of the Vestry - Ms. Marla Ivy-Holiness

Mr. Jerry Spells

Ms. Patricia Wright

Ms. Cynthia Ridley

Ms. Alana Dasant

Ms. Stephanie Dassie

Ms. Sheila Ivy

Mr. John B. Dassie

                              Who We Are?

       We are mostly people of proud Caribbean heritage and we always feel good about ourselves.  We are hard workers and we are survivors.  We truly believe in the "UBUNTU" concept, which emphasizes that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves.  "I am because we are, and we are because Christ is."

Our Vision:  "To love as Christ loved."

Our Mission:  The mission of St. Matthew's is to carry out the Great Commission by using the Commandments of Jesus the Christ.

Our Challenge:  God is calling St. Matthew's to ministry to those on the margins of society.  We are called as a parish because of God's grace, to acknowledge our own gifts and talents and use them to build God's Kingdom, here on earth.