Acolytes - Assist clergy during worship service
Altar Guild - (Mrs. Celestine Cartwright) - Dresses the altar
Angels of Praise - (Mrs. Deborah Delva) - Praise through youth dance group

Bible Study - (Rev. Carlton Newton) - Weekly discussions of Scripture

Cursillo/Cottage Ultreya - The purpose is to assist those in understanding their individual calling.

Eucharistic Ministry - (Ms. Barbara Langham) - Assist in serving the Holy Communion

Food Pantry - (Mrs. Barbara Jackson)- Weekly distributes food to the community

Kairos - Prison ministry

Musicians - (Mr. Marlon Jiminez: Piano, Mr. Jentzen Rugerrio: Guitar) -

Scholarship  - Distributes funds to graduating high school seniors
Senior Ministry - (Mrs. Sheila Ivy) - Outreach program for seniors in the community including trips and outings
Sister-to-Sister - Provides support to young girls and young adult women in the church
Song Leaders - (Mrs. Janet Davis, Mrs. Thelia Smith, Mrs. Sharon Rawlins) -
Spiritual Ministry Class - (Mr. William Duncombe, Mrs Valerie Duncombe) -
St. Luke's Guild - Distributes cards and greetings for birthdays and anniversaries.

Vestry - The Board of Directors for the parish corporation.  It is the authoritative body of the congregation and is subject only to the Diocesean and National Church Canons.

Youth Sunday School - (Mrs Tammy Cooper, Mrs. Margaret Newton) -